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Dr. Mark Jones Plastic Surgery Innovations

Atlanta Plastic Surgeons Innovations – Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones

Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jones is an innovative surgeon who achieves the dual goals of respecting patient safety and achieving attractive, natural appearing results.

Atlanta Breast Augmentation and Dr. Jones’ Invisible Scar Technique (IST)

Dr. Jones uses a unique and sophisticated method to provide a lasting breast augmentation with scars that often become invisible over time.
Learn more about Dr. Jones’s Invisible Scar Technique for breast augmentation

Atlanta Tummy Tuck and Dr. Jones’ No-Drain-No-Pain Technique

Dr. Jones uses a distinctive method to provide an essentially painless tummy tuck without drains.
Learn more about Dr. Jones’s No-Drain-No-Pain Tummy Tuck Technique

Atlanta Liposuction and the Jones/Illouz Liposculpture Technique

Dr. Jones has combined the best he has learned about liposculpting in his innovative approach.
Learn more about the Jones/Illouz liposculpture technique

Atlanta Facelift and Dr. Jones’ NU Technique

Dr. Jones has brought together his years of training and learning from the innovators, plus his over twenty years of private practice experience to accomplish the Natural Uplift (NU) facelift.
Learn more about Dr. Jones’ NU facelift technique