Most Frequently Requested Rhinoplasty Procedures

13th March 2023

Rhinoplasty is a gold-standard treatment for those uncomfortable with the shape or size of their nose. When you get rhinoplasty, you are not just changing the appearance of your nose; you are altering the appearance of your entire face. The new nose shape will be in harmony with your other facial features.

Typical Rhinoplasty Procedures

Since nose shape possibilities are abundant, there are several rhinoplasty procedures. Each one addresses a particular nose shape concern. Some procedures are more frequently requested than others.

Dorsal Hump Rhinoplasty

Patients frequently get a nose job to eliminate a hump on the nose. Dorsal humps are not usually noticeable from the front, yet they can significantly alter a person’s profile. This procedure smooths out the nasal dorsal by removing the excess bone or cartilage (or both) that caused the hump.

Nasal Tip Correction Rhinoplasty

There are various nasal tip issues leading patients to seek out the nose-reshaping skills of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones. Displeasing nasal tip shapes include a droopy tip, an up-turned tip, a bulbous tip and a broad tip. Each form is addressed with techniques specific to its cause and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Wide Nose or Long Nose Rhinoplasty

Width and length can significantly alter the size of a nose. Patients frequently look to Dr. Jones for rhinoplasty to make their noses smaller by reducing their width or length. Again, techniques vary depending on the patient’s nasal structure and desired outcome.

Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty

Another one of the most frequent anatomical problems that sends patients to Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists is a deviated nasal septum. Nasal obstruction, brought on by a significantly deviated septum, often causes patients to experience difficulty breathing at night, dry mouth, nosebleeds, migraines or sleep apnea. A functional rhinoplasty (known as septoplasty) straightens the cartilage to fix the deviation and address its bothersome problem.

Arrange a Consultation with an Experienced Nose Job Surgeon

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists in Georgia is an excellent plastic surgery practice for anyone looking to realize their goals of a balanced nose and facial symmetry. Dr. Jones is an exceptional rhinoplasty surgeon. He has helped Atlanta patients and others that come to him from across the globe achieve the nose of their dreams. Contact him to arrange a consultation today.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, P.C.