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Make Your Facelift an Uplifting Experience in Atlanta

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 12th January 2023
Smiling youthful looking middle-aged woman.

There are various facelift procedures that are used to achieve rejuvenating results. Many patients assume that this type of treatment involves surgery. Indeed, the traditional approach to improving facial features did require extensive surgical modifications. However, modern techniques are much less invasive. Facial rejuvenation outcomes depend on several factors. Your age, skin type, diet and  … Read more

Traditional Facelifts Versus Natural Uplift Facelifts

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 8th August 2022
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The facelift procedure has been used for decades to tighten sagging skin on the lower face and upper neck. The techniques have improved greatly over the years to reduce the “stretched” appearance of surgically tightened skin, but some facelift results still have an unnatural look. Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones at Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, PC  … Read more

A Facelift Consultation is a Positive Step Toward Achieving Beauty Goals

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 10th January 2022
Facial Plastic Surgery Consultation

If you have spent years facing a lack of confidence due to your looks, it is time to take action. One of the ways that you can begin making positive changes is by scheduling a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. You are not obligated to proceed with any treatments, nor do the options available  … Read more

Is a QuickLift Mini Facelift Right for You?

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th February 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

A QuickLift mini facelift can provide similar results to a traditional facelift, but not as dramatic. Results can include a smoother neckline, a more defined jawline and cheeks and tightened jowls. There are some key differences between the two and knowing what they are can help you determine which would be best. Shorter Recovery If  … Read more

A Natural Uplift Facelift is Not a Predefined Cosmetic Treatment

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 5th January 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

Both male and female patients can opt for a natural uplift facelift from Dr. Mark Jones at his Atlanta, GA offices. Rather than thinking of this treatment as a predefined procedure, patients should expect to benefit from the extensive skills that Dr. Jones brings to the table. Facial anatomy is unique in all cases, which  … Read more

3 Key Benefits of Getting a Facelift

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 15th July 2020
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

If you’re unhappy with the way you look, you may be thinking about cosmetic surgery. A facelift is one of the most effective and popular ways to combat aging and vastly improve a person’s confidence. Here are three key benefits of getting a facelift. Tighter Skin As we get older, skin begins to droop, wrinkle  … Read more

Not Willing to Undergo Major Work? A Mini Facelift May Be Right for You

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 2nd November 2019
Facial Procedures Atlanta, GA

You may need no convincing that some cosmetic work would greatly improve your appearance and erase the signs of aging. The barrier could be that you just don’t have the time or inclination to undergo an extensive facelift procedure. And that’s perfectly fine. Everyone is different, with different needs and goals. That’s why a QuickLift  … Read more

Get a NU (Natural Uplift) Facelift

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 27th September 2019
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

Since turning back the clock to a younger time is not possible, what is possible is fighting the signs of aging. Facelift surgery is one way to restore a more youthful appearance. The loss of facial contours in the face can be caused by thinning of the skin, loss of facial fat, gravity, sun damage,  … Read more

MACS Facelift

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 12th November 2018
Facelift Procedures

When aging begins to take its toll, many individuals seek complete facial rejuvenation with a facelift. Face-lifting enhances and refreshes one’s appearance, while removing excess skin, smoothing wrinkles and tightening facial tissues. As a result, individuals experience a more distinct contour and significant improvements in facial definition. The MACS Facelift, or minimal access cranial suspension,  … Read more

The Natural Uplift (NU) Facelift

Posted on the behalf of Dr. Mark Mitchell Jones, 20th July 2018
Facial Procedures Atlanta, GA

While the goal of facelift surgery is to create a natural, face-lifting result, there are numerous techniques that affect how this is accomplished. For instance, from where to make incisions to how the skin is lifted and pulled makes a difference—both in how the facelift will feel and how long it will last. Thus, having  … Read more