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Rejuvenate Your Appearance Quickly and Easily with Lip Augmentation

2nd July 2021
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As we age, our youthful appearance can diminish with the passage of time. There are many plastic surgery options available, such as a facelift, rhinoplasty or eye bag removal surgery. Some people may not feel comfortable with more invasive surgical procedures. Or, they may not be able to accommodate the recovery time involved due to  … Read more

Are Your Lips Ready for February, the Month of Love?

4th February 2020
Close Up of Lips After Augmentation Procedure Atlanta GA

February is the time for flowers, chocolates and puckered lips, as Valentine’s Day highlights the month. Are your lips ready for romance? Several studies have been conducted to determine what lip shape is most desirable, and results show that symmetry is all-important. Equal fullness in upper and lower lips seems to be the most appealing  … Read more

Lip Augmentation

3rd May 2019
Close Up of Lips After Augmentation Procedure Atlanta GA

For those in search of a fuller pout, lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure using injectable fillers and/or fat to add shape, structure and volume to thin or aging lips. Though collagen injections and lip implants were predominantly used for many years, today’s lip augmentation procedure uses dermal fillers containing substances similar to that of hyaluronic  … Read more

Lip Augmentation

22nd January 2018
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Full lips help to minimize wrinkles and fine lines that commonly form around a person’s mouth. However, over time, in addition to the process of aging, our lips are subject to sun and wind damage that causes them to thin and fade. Lip plumping products abound at retail shops and online, but their promises to  … Read more

Restylane Injections

27th May 2017

When it comes to your face, it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. However, your smile probably says more about you than anything else. A smile that is easily given to others makes people feel that you are friendly, approachable, and confident in your own skin – all qualities that  … Read more

Lip Reconstruction

31st January 2017

When it comes to the appearance of the face, balance is one of the most general terms that is used to describe an attractive appearance. The lips play a huge role in the facial appearance. Not only do the lips provide a natural pleasantry, but they also have specific and significant roles that they must  … Read more

Lip Augmentation

9th April 2015

Lips are a visible, yet very seductive aspect of the body. While they may perform common duties such as smiling, speaking, and eating, they are also involved in intimate situations such as kissing. Full, plump lips have been considered a sign of youth, health, beauty, and seduction for many years. Full lips have been portrayed  … Read more

What happens under the Mistletoe stays under the Mistletoe

2nd December 2013

With holiday parties and family events to attend, this is the time of year to dress up and be seen. That’s why many women look into refreshing their appearance with lip augmentation. Atlanta residents can enhance their lips with this small procedure that can make you look years younger. Lips are full of collagen and after age  … Read more