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What to Consider Before Getting Breast Implants

27th September 2022
A smailing woman holding breast implants.

If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts, breast augmentation can be an ideal solution. This minimally invasive procedure can help you boost your self-confidence about your appearance. Getting cosmetic surgery is a critical decision, and not to be taken lightly. Gathering the right information can help you make the best  … Read more

3 Tips to Reduce Swelling after Breast Augmentation

17th September 2022
Woman With Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem. During your recovery, you may experience some uncomfortable swelling. There are a few things you can do to speed your healing and minimize swelling so you can feel better. Here are three tips to help you reduce swelling after  … Read more

Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Enhance Your Life

16th March 2022
Woman Wearing Bra After Corrective Breast Surgery Atlanta GA

Are you considering Atlanta breast augmentation surgery to enlarge your breasts because you are unsatisfied with their size and shape? Maybe your breasts lost their good form due to weight loss, age or pregnancy. If so, you are not alone. Or, perhaps you just had a mastectomy and want to reconstruct your breasts to what  … Read more

Are You Ready for a Mommy Makeover?

17th November 2020
Full Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Motherhood is the toughest job on the planet. The body and face of a mother often tells a tale of years dedicated to childcare. From removing excess weight to facelifts, there are several areas where a mommy makeover can help mothers achieve total rejuvenation. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we offer a combination of treatments  … Read more

Is Your Front Causing Back Pain?

6th January 2020
Woman Wearing Bra After Corrective Breast Surgery Atlanta GA

You often hear of women desiring to have larger breasts. Small cup size is often a source of emotional distress for women who would rather have the curves of larger breasts. Less discussed is the plight of women who have naturally large breasts. While women with a smaller cup size may look on with a  … Read more

Breast Lift

29th July 2019
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Since 2000, breast lifts (Mastopexy) have grown by 70%, outpacing breast implants 2-1, as noted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Contrary to breast augmentation, breast lifts do not change the size of breasts. Rather, the procedure reestablishes a youthful contour to the body by raising the breasts, removing excess skin and tightening the  … Read more

Male Breast Reduction

16th April 2019
Plastic Surgeons Consulting in Operating Room Atlanta GA

When it comes to excess fat in the chest area of a male, one might assume that it is due to obesity or significant weight loss. The truth is, for men and boys of all ages, it is relatively common to experience some degree of male breast enlargement, as explained by the American Society of  … Read more

Breast Augmentation: Types and Techniques

12th March 2019
Woman Wearing Bra After Corrective Breast Surgery Atlanta GA

A popular and frequently performed cosmetic surgical procedure, breast augmentation has become an appealing solution for achieving an ideal figure, as noted by Smart Beauty Guide. Thus, the procedure is most often requested for aesthetic reasons, some of which are listed below: To restore symmetry if one breast is smaller than the other To help  … Read more

The Mommy Makeover: What You Should Know

15th January 2019
Full Body Procedures Atlanta GA

Quickly finding its way into the mainstream media, the “mommy makeover” is a specialized combination of surgical body contouring procedures designed to restore common post-pregnancy issues faced by women. The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons classifies the mommy makeover as a catchall phrase that is customized to fit an individual’s unique needs. Even so, the process  … Read more