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Regain Your Confidence with Scar Revision Surgery

7th December 2021
Scar Treatment

If you have suffered a trauma that left behind a scar, you may feel embarrassed, especially if the scarring is located in a prominent area. Did you know that many scars can be corrected through scar revision surgery? Here are the steps involved in scar revision surgery that can help you regain your self-confidence. What  … Read more

Plastic Surgery to Purge Flaws from Your Teenage Years

11th October 2021
Facial Examination

Do you often lament choices made during your teenage years? For many adults, these regrets often involve body modifications that became permanent fixtures. If you now see facial, body or ear piercings as youthful mistakes, plastic surgery can repair the damage. Unfortunately, not all teenage flaws are the result of poor decision-making. For instance, acne  … Read more

Is Blepharoplasty the Right Choice for Hooded Eyelids?

7th September 2021
Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes can communicate a lot of information. Your mood, emotions and even your age are expressed through eye movement and appearance. Some of your expressions are voluntary, but others are not. For some people, hooded eyes are age-related. Over time, your eye muscles weaken and stretch your eyelid, creating a droopy, down-turned eye area.  … Read more

Are Minor Blemishes Causing You Major Confidence Issues?

18th May 2021
Female Body Procedures

To others, the blemishes that define how you look may seem minor. However, the way that you feel about your face and body is what’s important. When your confidence is waning due to scars, skin problems or excess fat, it is time to take control. Plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the ideal solution  … Read more

Is a QuickLift Mini Facelift Right for You?

15th February 2021
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

A QuickLift mini facelift can provide similar results to a traditional facelift, but not as dramatic. Results can include a smoother neckline, a more defined jawline and cheeks and tightened jowls. There are some key differences between the two and knowing what they are can help you determine which would be best. Shorter Recovery If  … Read more

3 Key Benefits of Getting a Facelift

15th July 2020
Facial Procedures Atlanta GA

If you’re unhappy with the way you look, you may be thinking about cosmetic surgery. A facelift is one of the most effective and popular ways to combat aging and vastly improve a person’s confidence. Here are three key benefits of getting a facelift. Tighter Skin As we get older, skin begins to droop, wrinkle  … Read more


27th February 2019
Woman with Hand in a V in Front of Face

Changing the shape and position of the chin, Genioplasty involves making a hidden incision inside the lower lip and a precise cut of the chin bone. Also known as chin augmentation, Genioplasty alters the structure of the face, bringing balance and symmetry to facial features. It is considered an elective surgery, as most individuals choose  … Read more

Regain Your Youthful, Energetic Appearance With Brow Lift Surgery

1st October 2018
Woman Smiling at Camera

The forehead and positioning of the eyebrows reveals much about an individual’s age, leading many to complain of a tired, sad or angry appearance. This is because the skin and muscles above the eyebrows become lax with time, and this often results in deep creases, wrinkles and sagging. Needless to say, these changes can dramatically  … Read more

The Natural Uplift (NU) Facelift

20th July 2018
Facial Procedures Atlanta, GA

While the goal of facelift surgery is to create a natural, face-lifting result, there are numerous techniques that affect how this is accomplished. For instance, from where to make incisions to how the skin is lifted and pulled makes a difference—both in how the facelift will feel and how long it will last. Thus, having  … Read more

Facial Laceration Scaring

27th October 2017
Facial Laceration Scaring

Your face is a very personal asset. It is probably your most recognizable feature, and what comes to mind when people think about you. When any type of injury, trauma, or damage occurs to the face, it can be very traumatizing and emotional. Most people assume that their only option for treatment for a facial  … Read more