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Cosmetic Treatments on Your Terms and Timeline

25th July 2022
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Is lack of time preventing you from meeting beauty goals in Georgia? Most people have obligations that get in the way of other pursuits. Traditionally, plastic surgery required extensive downtime, making treatment inaccessible to those who lead busy lives. Fast forward to the modern day and cosmetic treatments have advanced in several ways. A procedure  … Read more

What Does Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery Mean to You?

13th June 2022
Beautiful young woman touching skin on her face.

Some of the main reasons that people avoid plastic surgery are the connotations with scalpels, scars and a prolonged recovery. These issues largely relate to more complex procedures. When it comes to minimally invasive solutions, you will likely leave the offices of Dr. Mark Jones on the same day and be ready to face the  … Read more

Tips to Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

1st May 2022
Botox Injections Atlanta GA

Getting older causes wrinkles because your body begins to produce less collagen as you age. Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin smooth and taut. It is responsible for skin elasticity. Forehead wrinkles appear as collagen levels drop. Unfortunately, those lines make you look older and make you appear angry or tired. However, forehead  … Read more

The Path to Looking Younger Has Many Options

7th February 2022
Cosmetic Procedures

Some things never seem to change, and one of the most consistent desires is to look younger. As living healthier lifestyles, including fresh diets, working out and cutting back on stressors where possible continue to be life goals, choosing enhancing procedures or treatments to remain younger-looking continue to be popular. Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Options for  … Read more

Don’t Forget Skin Care During Winter

17th December 2021
Skin Care

Winter is an easy time to skip your usual skincare routine, but it is actually the time you should focus most on your skin. Here are some ways winter affects your skin, and how you can protect it during the cold winter months. Winter Robs Your Skin of Moisture Winter weather can wreak havoc on  … Read more

Convenient Plastic Surgery

10th November 2021
Facial Treatments

For busy men and women in Atlanta, the prospect of achieving aesthetic goals with plastic surgery feels like a pipe dream. Finding the time to attend appointments, deal with aftercare and go through the recovery process is just too much. At Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists, we can help you overcome these barriers with quick office  … Read more

Is a Facial Mole Considered a Beauty Mark?

9th August 2021
Mole Inspection

Throughout history, certain placements of moles have been thought by some to add aesthetic appeal to a person’s appearance. Such moles were often called “beauty marks” because of this supposition. If you have a facial mole, whether or not such a feature is beautiful or attractive is completely up to you. Some believe a small  … Read more

Rejuvenate Your Appearance Quickly and Easily with Lip Augmentation

2nd July 2021
Argumented lips

As we age, our youthful appearance can diminish with the passage of time. There are many plastic surgery options available, such as a facelift, rhinoplasty or eye bag removal surgery. Some people may not feel comfortable with more invasive surgical procedures. Or, they may not be able to accommodate the recovery time involved due to  … Read more

Help with Anti-Aging

14th June 2021
Facelift Procedures

While it is not possible to completely reverse aging, you can slow it down by living a healthy lifestyle as you get older, and by using treatments that help slow the physical signs of aging. At a young age, your body can repair damaged cells. As you get older, the skin’s repair system is not  … Read more

Wrinkles… Cause and Effect

8th March 2021
Botox Injections Atlanta GA

Are wrinkles a sign of youthfulness long gone or an artistic playing field of expressions? it may be a little of both. Have you ever wondered why we get wrinkles on the face and not on the forearm or leg? The reason behind this has to do with an incredibly unique relationship that the facial  … Read more